Where the Boys Are – April 26, 2013

I wrote this a few weeks ago for another blog, but decided to start bringing over my single lady blogging here. Sometimes when I get frustrated at the lack of datable men in my surroundings, I imagine that they all live in a particular community.  In case you were wondering, that community is real and […]

Guest Blog – March 23, 2012

My two good friends Cate and Julie started a blog last summer called Twenty Pieces. It’s a great site, with explorations on life with 20 pieces of clothing. I wrote a guest piece that went up today about shoes. Please read and check out the rest of the site. Click here to visit their site. Or read […]

Oscars, Part Deux – February 24, 2012

I best catch up. The Oscars are this Sunday and I have so many posts needing to be published. Today I have my thoughts on the Supporting Acting categories (AKA, the sympathy/make-up awards). And for dessert, a brief thought on best song. Best Supporting Actor Kenneth Branagh, “My Week With Marilyn” Jonah Hill, “Moneyball” Nick […]

On the Road Again – August 11, 2011

I both hate and love traveling. I love the excitement of exploring a new place – even an airport. Especially when said airport has yummy french cafes and birds that fly around inside (Terminal 5 at JFK). But trying to sleep on a plane? The worst. I’ve tried it all, but nothing works. Yet, a […]