My Mexican food party and other things – January 23, 2006

With JaneI do apologize for my lack of blogging – however there is an excuse. Last Wednesday I wrote an amazing blog – it was a perfect blend of humour and interesting writing. I talked about Aubergines, my Mexican food party and Pride and Prejudice. And then I went to post it and crazy computer stuff happened. So, no blog. I was so sad and dejected that I couldn’t bring myself to blog. Brilliance of that kind can not be replicated and I do not intend to try.

I asked a question about what an aubergine is – I found out that it’s what we in the states would call an egg plant. Crazy, huh?

My Mexican food party was so much fun! I made pollo asada and used the wonderful corn tortillas my parents sent over. Then I had refried beans, rice with minced coriander and my friends brought over the most amazing black bean chili. The party started off a bit on the quiet side, but as the night went on, everyone got to know eachother better and soon the conversation was flowing. I think it was mixed reaction on Napoleon Dynamite. Some liked it – some were being polite (those responses sounded like, “That was interesting…”). Watching it made me feel at home and I started using my Napoleon phrases again. Gosh, idiot.

What’s your favorite Napoleon Dynamite line? Mine is the one where he goes up to Deb and says, “I see you’re drinking 1% milk. Is that because you think your fat? (long pause) Cause you’re not…” It cracks me up – especially because he takes forever telling her she’s not. And the fact that you’d never say that to a girl and the look on her face – it’s just classic.

I had someone ask me about the new Pride & Prejudice and I’ve decided to give my statement here.

Jenny Manglos does not recommend the viewing of the new Pride & Prejudice film, starring Kiera Knightly. She believes that the BBC version was more than sufficient and there was no need to make another one. She is also disgusted with the choice of Kiera to play her favorite heroine of all times, Elizabeth Bennet. However, in all fairness, it should be stated that Jenny did not watch the new one – she refused to out of principle. I did see a preview of it and was appalled to hear that the diologue was simplified. The beauty about the BBC version is how wonderfully it captures the language of Jane Austen. Please people, just support the BBC version. Can anyone else but Colin Firth ever play Darcy? I think not. I have enjoyed updated versions of the P&P story – Bridget Jones’ Diary & Bride and Prejudice. Don’t support mediocrity! Boycott the new Pride & Prejudice!

Wow, I’ll step off my soap box now. I wasn’t intending to rant and rave, but there you go.

I think I’ll leave now and let you all digest this blog. It’s a bit chunky, so be sure to drink lots of water with it.

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