Baccalaureate – the extended edition – May 27, 2010

Tonight was my baccalaureate ceremony in which I was hooded (insert various jokes here). It was a very dear, special night, surrounded by very dear, special people. Each graduate was allowed to submit a note of thanks, which was read while the individual walked across the stage to be hooded. We were limited to 95 words. I was shocked to discover that my first attempts was close to 4xs over the limit. Oops. So, after much editing, I was able to make it to around 97 words. Here is the extended version, the director’s cut. =)

My time at Talbot, at ISF was both better and more challenging than I ever could have envisioned. And yet, I would not have had it any other way. Each point, experience, conversation, prayer was vital in my growth and development. As I reflect back I consider the cost. While it was hard it was completely worth it.

It is with a full, grateful heart that I thank my wonderful parents – who backed me up when I left it all to attend seminary. To my dear brother Andrew, who has taught me so much about love and sacrifice. To Leigh and Chels, you are my compatriots on this journey with Jesus. Thank you for walking with me, crying with me, laughing with me – for bringing your beautiful selves.

To Drs. Barber, Coe, TenElshof and Porter: It has been an honor to study under you and to witness the reality of your relationship with Christ on a daily basis. You are all the real deal. Monica, words cannot express the joy I’ve experienced getting to work with you. To the community at ISF: You have made my time at Talbot beautiful. Thank you for loving me as me, in process.

To my Daddy Jesus: Thank you for bringing me here – You knew how much I needed this place, more than I knew and more than I’ll ever know. Thank you for being with me through every hill and valley. You do know what You are about.

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