Darn My Stubborn Pride – July 20, 2011

Disclaimer: I make strong statements about things I dislike. Please don’t take offense if something you like is mentioned.


My roommate recently turned me onto the show “Gilmore Girls”. I’m not quite sure how I let her do it, as I had no interest in the show. In my mind, it was some show that you watched if you were a lame, girly girl (even though my roommate was in no way like that). I have no clue how this idea formed in my brain.  Such a stupid, unfounded idea. And when I mentioned this to a couple of friends, my realization of the greatness that is “Gilmore Girls”, they just laughed. Apparently, I have done this before. Many times. I make a stance on something (typically a strong stance – I hate it) and occasionally I realize that said thing is actually worthwhile. It was for this same reason that I avoided Paris, France for years. I went a couple of months ago and was enchanted by that lovely city. I kept thinking “why didn’t I come here earlier”. Especially since I had lived in England for almost a year and Paris is ridiculously close to the UK.

Yes, I am stubborn. Extremely so. At times, I glory in my stubbornness. I take pride in it, thinking it makes me stand out as an individual with impeccable taste. While it can save me from some terrible things (like The Twilight series), it can also result in my missing out on other spectacular things (like the band Mumford and Sons). So, I’m still learning and growing in this area in my life. But there are some things I will never like. See below.

Things I’m still holding out on (some of these I have seen or experienced, but am adamant about not liking them):

-The Notebook

-Valentine’s Day (the “holiday”, not the film)

-Mushrooms and olives

-Hawaii as a honeymoon location

-Films involving Jerry Bruckheimer or Michael Bay


-Two and a Half Men

-The Kiera Knightly version of “Pride and Prejudice”

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