On the Road Again – August 11, 2011

I both hate and love traveling. I love the excitement of exploring a new place – even an airport. Especially when said airport has yummy french cafes and birds that fly around inside (Terminal 5 at JFK). But trying to sleep on a plane? The worst. I’ve tried it all, but nothing works. Yet, a day of zombie-like behavior is worth it for an adventure.

Today’s adventure takes me to Syracuse, NY for my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding renewal. (On a side note, it was impossible to find a card for that situation. At least it was impossible at Target. How can you give a card saying “Here’s to beginning your life together” when they’ve been married for 30 years?)  The last time I was in Syracuse was 15 years ago – half of my life ago. I was an awkward 15 year old who had just lost all her friends.  This time I come from such a different place. Still a bit awkward, but enjoying it. And more secure with the relationships in my life. Earlier this week I began to feel nervous about the trip, fearing that I would feel left out. It’s just now, as I slowly type away on my phone, that I remember the fragile state I was in 15 years ago. And I also remember that I am not there today. I return to New York, holding that 15 year old girl as well as the 30 year old woman, moving forward and allowing this weekend to be what it is.

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