Sings My Heart – August 3, 2011

Sometimes I find a song that just sings my heart. Somehow it perfectly captures my feelings and expresses them in ways in which I am unable to. It is difficult to explain how or why these moments occur. I only know that I feel understood, expressed, known. The weird thing is, so often these songs are instrumental. But the music itself conveys emotions that I cannot verbalize. These emotions are larger than words. Words can be limiting. They are just not enough.

My heart resonates with the piano. Something about its tone just matches me. It is the perfect shade, with a warm, autumnal sound. Its possibilities are great. It can explode, forte forte, or diminish to pianissimo, barely a whisper. There’s so much range in the piano. It can lull me to asleep, but can also bring tears to my eyes by its somber melodies.

This is what sung my heart Sunday night when I wrote this.

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