Where the Boys Are – April 26, 2013

pasadenaI wrote this a few weeks ago for another blog, but decided to start bringing over my single lady blogging here.

Sometimes when I get frustrated at the lack of datable men in my surroundings, I imagine that they all live in a particular community.  In case you were wondering, that community is real and it’s called Pasadena.  Now, I have no proof that there’s a gaggle (yes, I’m grouping men by the term “gaggle”) of smart, thoughtful, deep, and quirky men there, but in my mind, they all live there because: a) They don’t live by me; and b) Guys like that should definitely flock to Pasadena, right?  I mean, Pasadena is amazing.  Have you been there?  It’s like visiting Europe…in Southern California.  The coffee shops.  The amazing book stores.  The insane architecture everywhere!  Who doesn’t like Pasadena?

One night I was hanging out with a friend and we were going to a lecture by a philosopher who was talking about the value of art.  We were convinced that a lecture of this caliber would bring out all the smart, thoughtful, deep, and quirky men out of the woodwork.  We carefully assembled our outfits, fully embracing our inner smoldering librarians.  Then, to our dismay, discovered the lecture was full of undergrads.  Woh woh!  The lecture was definitely worth attending, but apparently, these men discovered our plot, remaining safe and sound (in Pasadena).

Ultimately, this may speak more to my love of Pasadena, and possibly a not-so-realistic idea of the living patterns of single men, than to anything else.  Yet, there’s something comforting in thinking that this community exists.  Almost like a personal Atlantis – the lost city of single men.  It’s out there and one day I’ll find it.  On days when my singleness feels like the neverending story, I’m grateful for a laugh and some fairy tale indulgences.

Wondering if anyone out there can relate?  Where is your fairy land of single men?

And in case you were wondering, yes, the title does reference the 60’s film and song.

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