To the Women I know – May 12, 2013

I posted this on Facebook today: My heart is with the women for whom today is painful and isolating. Be gentle with those in your life who may feel missed on Mother’s Day.

Earlier this week I read a couple of blog posts about Mother’s Day.  Both women expressed how disappointing the day can be and their sorrow for those who experience the day as painful and lonely.  Those words have remained with me this weekend and I cannot shake this sadness as I consider the various paths of the women I know.  Today my heart grieved for those who are missed as we bless biological and adoptive mothers.  (Note: I absolutely believe we should bless mothers, but I wonder if there are more sensitive ways that we can approach this and celebrate women in general)

These are my words to the women I know today, especially those who ache today:

Women are co-image bearers of God.  We reflect part of him that men do not, just as men reflect God in ways that women do not.  I celebrate in you that reality of image bearer today.  It is worth recognizing and blessing.


Some of you lost your mothers at a young age and today only reminds you of the lost time.

Others had a mom who parented with abuse, lies or hatred.  For you, mother might feel like a curse word.

You might experience disappointment in motherhood and doubt whether you have the strength to go on.

Some cry and mourn today for their lack of children and the hopes wrapped up in this expectation.  Whether through barrenness, age, singleness, the desire for motherhood seems to scream today.

Perhaps your mother was ill and unable to be fully present.  Maybe you had to step in to care for her and the term today just causes confusion.

You lost a child and the loss echoes that much deeper today.


Whatever your journey has been as a woman, daughter or mother, I stand with you and thank my Lord for the privilege of knowing you.  I am honored to call you sister, mother, friend.  Your identity is bigger than the titles others may place on you.

I mourn with you who mourn today.

I rejoice with you who rejoice.

May the Lord bless you on this day, beautiful image bearer of God.

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