Profile in Review – June 24, 2013

Let me take a minute now to discuss bad profile photos.  There was a time, not too long ago, when you took a photo, finished a roll of film, then took it to get developed.  Sometimes you hit the jackpot and got some great shots.  Other times, your roll was blurry and out of focus, or just didn’t capture a person at his or her best.  Today, we have a wonderful thing called a digital camera.  “But Jen, how does this affect my profile photo?”  I’m glad you asked.  See, upon taking a photo, one can immediately see if it is a good shot.  If your face resembles a demon-possessed girl, then try, try again.  My point is this.  I see so many awful photos on dating sites and all it would take is another shot that is in better light, not out of focus, not cropping out an ex-girlfriend, not you with a creepy stalker expression, etc. One more thing.  Please crop out the toilet in the back ground of your selfie.

So, here is my list of photos to avoid on your online dating profile (note: this list pertains mostly towards men, but don’t worry, a female edition is on its way):

– Blurry photo: I hate when a guy posts a blurry photo…and that’s the only photo. In this age of digital technology, how hard is it to take another photo?

animal-Awkward animal photos – I appreciate that you are an animal lover, but please avoid the photo of you with a monkey hiding in your jacket.  I am not kidding.  I have witnessed this photo.  It took me a moment until I came across the fact that this guy had a monkey cradled in his wind breaker.  Ask my roommates.  They have seen this photo.  I don’t really need to explain this one, do I?







-Cropped Photo: This beauty of a profile pic occurs when there is a girl obviously cropped out of the photo. Are you trying to tell me that you’re desirable? Instead, you look like a player.  Just choose another photo.

Cut out




-Act your age: Also, it doesn’t bode well for us when you’re profile photo makes you look like Justin Bieber…and you’re in your thirties.

-Partying/Drinking photos: That’s great that you enjoy a beer every now and then, but posting shots of you getting trashed just aren’t appealing.  Especially on a Christian dating site.  Just saying.

-Group photo: I dread the group shot.  Especially when a few of the guys look similar or it’s from far away.  Even worse when it’s the only photo on the profile.  Seriously?  Where are you?




group shot

Model-Unusual clothing: You make think it’s hilarious to post a photo of you in a strange outfit or your Star Trek costume.  Think again. Definitely be who you are, but maybe save those photos for later on.









Head shot-Head shots: These are mock posed head shots complete with awkward poses.  Seriously, who naturally sits like that?  Olan Mills called and they want their photo back.  Extra points if there is a tacky background.


-Selfies: I’m not completely opposed to self shots, but they tend to be at awkward angles, poor lighting and out of focus.  Using the mirror in your bathroom just feels lazy.  Ask a friend.  I’m sure they’ll take a photo of you.  But if you must use a selfie, please crop out the toilet in the background.  Again, I have seen this photo on a dating site.





Final Thoughts: While a photo cannot express all the complexities of a human, they do provide some basic information on a person.  Keep it simple, recent, and close-up.  And be yourself.

Thanks to my brother for allowing these photos of him to be used on the blog.  For your information:

-Most of these were posed

-Sorry ladies, he’s taken by the lovely Alex (who graciously took most of the photos for this post)

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