Risk in Writing – July 22, 2013

argLately, I’ve felt as though my writing ideas have begun to dry up.  Not only do I feel as though I’m scrambling for topics, I also have experienced a diminished desire to even write.  It has been good for me to continue on in the midst of waning interest, to learn the discipline of writing, even when I just want to veg out and watch another episode of 30 Rock (I’m re-watching the show).

However, I discovered this morning that actually I did know what I wanted to write about.  In fact, there were two subjects that have been on my mind.  Fear has kept me from delving into these topics.  In my mind, these two topics are “controversial” and I am afraid of the response I will receive.  I fear the conclusions others will make about me.  As I was sitting here, amazed at the fear I suddenly found bubbling out of my heart, I knew what I had to do.

This week I’m going to lean into the fears, and write these two pieces.  It will involve time, to really do justice to these topics.  It will involve risk, to share another layer of who I am.  It will involve trust, that somehow the Lord is leading me in this endeavor.

Strangely enough, these next two posts may not be controversial for you who read this blog.  I suspect that this fear is mostly internal, meaning that I’m dealing with my own terror over how I am received, over who I am.

So, here goes…

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