Thoughts on a brother, upon his graduation from college, AKA You Taught Me – June 14, 2013

My brother graduates from college on Saturday.  And while words cannot fully express how proud I am, I will still attempt a few thoughts on my experience with him.  Congratulations Andrew!  I’m so glad I get to be your sister. Love, love, love you!

Andrew JenFeeling Grand


Andrew Cross Color


You were born into chaos

Yet brought joy

An unexpected surprise

More than could be dreamed;

I didn’t know what it meant to be a sister:

You taught me


Your blue eyes and ever changing hair

Shedding your clothes like a wild animal

Flashes of you smiling, laughing and snuffing

But even then not always so;

I couldn’t understand your withdrawals:

You taught me


A tender heart

So often hurt – so often misunderstood

Stomach aches

Too deep to comprehend;

Unfailing generosity and empathy:

You taught me


You grew and grew

Suddenly one day, taller

I was too busy to really see you

Missed precious time;

Still you gave unmerited love:

You taught me


I remember the call

The fear of loss

The trauma – the panic – the sadness

Never ending anxiety;

I never knew grief before:

You taught me


Slow growth and blooming

Miraculous before my eyes

I gave you up

But saw you resurrected;

God’s immeasurable grace:

You taught me


Standing now

A man before me

I wonder where the child went

Yet catch the twinkle still in your eye;

Strength, compassion, and love:


You taught me

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