It’s Too Hot Outside to Write – August 30, 2013

Hot-Weather-HD-WallpapersIt’s Jen, the delinquent poster, here.  I’m sorry, but the combination of coordinating an overnight retreat and hot, humid (for California) weather, results in no legitimate post from me.  Instead I chose to hibernate in my room last night next to the air conditioning watching “Call the Midwife.”  Later, my roommate and I caught up, ate popsicles, and sang a few karaoke songs.  Then, more “Call the Midwife.”  And if you’ve never watched “Call the Midwife,” here are the reasons why you should.  

So, here are a few interesting articles that I’m reading right now/thoughts I’m thinking:

A run down on Syria – I’ve been keeping tabs on the situation there, since I had the honor to visit the country back in 2006.  This is a great way to get caught up on the fighting in Syria and to catch a glimpse of the history that is fueling the fight.

This is awful! – Who turns “Les Mis” into a lawyer drama?  Fox, that’s who.  

Bill Murray, but not Bill Murray – I recently discovered that @BillMurray on Twitter is not actually Bill Murray.  This is sad, but whoever is tweeting under that handle is hilarious.  Well done sir, well done!  For real Bill Murray hilariousness, click here.  Also, I have been delighting in The Most Interesting Pastor (@Most Pastor).  Here’s a taste from the other day: While on a road trip through the Chihuahuan desert of Mexico, he discovered the one thing that will make Joel Osteen stop smiling.

Fascinating series on submission – Rachel Held Evans has dedicated this week on her blog to issues of submission and household codes within the Bible. I’m dreadfully behind, but am excited to catch up on my reading.

I’m debating on whether or not I want to see “Austenland.” The reviews are not looking so hot, but I do have a gift card to the movies. Darn my love of Jane Austen which at times makes me want to see ridiculous movies (Note: not all Jane Austen movies are ridiculous; some are fabulous).

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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