Still Frustrated – September 12, 2013

online-dating-bLast month I posted on how much I hate online dating. Guess what?  I still do.  I don’t know if it’s me, but I feel frustrated with the whole process.  I get sick of reading profile after profile, each one sounding exhaustingly the same as the others.  And the site I’m on has these stupid questions:

How many times were you suspended in school?

Have you ever broken up a marriage?

Tap Dance or soft shoe?

(Note: one of these questions is made up)

But the two that annoy me the most are:

How would you respond to having a female pilot for a flight to Europe?

Are women funny?

I mean, really?  That’s just offensive.  And while most men on the site have no issues with female pilots, a bunch have answered that women are on the rare occasion as funny as men.  That fires me up!  Sure, females and males may differ as to what makes them laugh, but differing senses of humor does not mean that one gender is funnier than another.  So, whenever I see that question answered saying women are not as funny, it puts me on edge.  It’s hard for me to get past that one.  And I realize that I’m making huge judgments based on one question, but it sure doesn’t give me a hopeful glimpse of this person.  I blame the dating site on this one.  Come on eHarmony.  Leave something to the imagination.

I also get frustrated (but nowhere near the same level of frustration) when a man refers to women as “girls”.  Now, I know that there might not be a lot of meaning behind that term, but I find it demeaning.  As a woman in her 30’s, I’m pretty sure I’ve left girlhood behind.  Or perhaps Brittany was right. “I’m not a girl…not yet a woman.”   Joking aside, a girl implies someone who still needs to grow up, while a woman implies adulthood.  Now, I’ll always have a childlike part to me and I may look young, but please don’t patronize me. If the situation was reversed I suspect it would be insulting to refer to a man as a boy, right?

Finally, I’m reluctant to pay for membership.  Every time I’ve shelled out the cash in the past I’ve regretted it.  Paired with odd men.  Or barely matched at all.  Contacted by creepy guys my dad’s age. I’m not flush with cash, so I feel hesitant about forking over a decent sum of money.

All this to say, rawr to you online dating!*

*Yes, this is a negative post.  I sometimes write those.  It’s not a cry for help.  Sometimes I get frustrated.  Sometimes we all do.  For those who are engaged in the world of online dating, you get me, right?

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