Deal Breaker – October 3, 2013

Ok, so this was from a previous post, but it’s just as true today as it was back then.


Last night I was looking at my matches and I started listing the things that elicit automatic no’s from me, or as Liz Lemon would call it, a Deal breaker. Enjoy!

Jen’s Automatic Shut it Downs:

deal breaker-Repeated grammatical mistakes (i.e. “Your” instead of “You’re”). I’m not expecting perfect grammar and I realize we all have the occasional typo, but I can only overlook so much. I’m not perfect. Or if you list your profession as a surgeon, but misspell the word surgeon. Ugh. 

-Blurry photo – and that’s the only photo. In this age of digital technology, how hard is it to take another photo? 

-Mentioning a Proverbs 31 woman. This one ticks me off. It feels like a cop out. Instead of listing what you are actually looking for in a woman, you just point to a chapter that paints the picture of a perfect woman. I get anxious when I read Proverbs 31. When I see a guy list that, I feel as though he’s looking for a woman to do everything for him. And I get tired. 

-Picture with a girl obviously cropped out of the photo. Just choose another photo. Are you trying to tell me that you’re desirable? Instead, you look like a player. 

-Makes fun of Harry Potter. Ridikulous! I heart Harry Potter, and while it’s not a requirement for the guy I date to appreciate it, I don’t like it when you look down on the book/movie.

-Writing in all caps. STOP SHOUTING AT ME!

-Wearing a cowboy hat in profile picture: This one’s specific to me.  I just don’t dig that culture. 

-I’m an open book.  And then the guy writes two vague sentences in his description.  Sorry, no, you’re not at “open book”.  That term means you actually communicate something about yourself. What’s you’re doing is called “phoning it in.”

This list is not exhaustive. 

So, what makes you want to Shut it Down?

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