Say My Name – October 10, 2013

magicianYup, I’ve gotten to the phase in online dating when the site just starts throwing out random folks at me.  You said you wanted a man between 28 and 38?  Well, how about this 25 year old (note: I’m 32 and those kind of age gaps are only socially acceptable when the genders are swapped – don’t get me started).  100 mile radius?  How about a coal miner from South Dakota?  And did I mention that some of these random guys have really odd names?  And not just names tied into other cultures.  I mean, just plain odd names.




(Note: These are not actual names, but plays on names I have come across.)

I don’t mean to judge a person based on a name, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if these names are for real.  Really?  Your parents named you that?  Is this a fake profile?  I don’t know if I can take you seriously.  The strange thing is, these weird names didn’t start popping up until recently.  As if, when eHarmony gets to the bottom of the barrel, they start pulling out the guys with strange names.

I realize I’m an odd bird and I may be a challenging person to find matches for.  But I think I’d prefer eHarmony just to tell me that, instead of their charade of odd matches.  It’s like when a magician draws your attention so you miss the trickery that’s actually taking place.  Don’t distract me, just tell me the truth.  

So readers, what’s your experience with unusual matches?

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