Victory – November 14, 2013

bouquet tossI went to my first wedding in a long while last weekend.  It was a lovely ceremony, but as usual, I was on edge when it came time for the reception.  No sooner was I seated then I started to search for my exits.  The tables were tight and I didn’t have a direct route to the restrooms for bouquet toss time.  I was seated with my parents and my mom joked that I could hide under the table.  And let’s be honest, I was seriously considering that as an option if needed. 

I kept waiting and waiting for a sign.  The ubiquitous “Ok, now we need all the single women out there…” or the slightly more welcome “Single Ladies” by Beyonce.  Yet, I kept waiting and it never came.  Was I going crazy?  There was the first dance, toasts, dance with parents, cutting of the cake, the money dance, but still, no bouquet toss.  What’s going on here?

My folks and I headed for the door after the cake (my mom’s a baker, so we always must stay for the cake).  On the way out the groom tapped me on the shoulder and said, “we didn’t do the bouquet toss for your sake. 

I was blown away.  I mean, is that awesome or what?  It felt like a big win for the single community.  I’m never short on an opinion, but to hear someone respond to that opinion was unbelievable.  And not just respond, but agree (to some extent).  It’s moments like this that keep me fighting the good fight for singles everywhere. 

If you’re curious as to my thoughts on the bouquet toss, then I invite you to read a previous post from summer on this very topic.

Huzzah for victory!

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