The Oscars: 2014

The Oscars will soon be here and I am woefully behind in my viewings.  Usually, this time of year is one of excitement and anticipation.  Yet, in 2014 I feel oddly disconnected from these Hollywood happenings. While, I have not seen the movies I’d hoped to have by now, I have had the chance to […]

Battling Narratives

I was amazed this week to discover a connection between two seemingly opposite films: Groundhog Day and Enchanted April. I know.  But hear me out. Lately I’ve noticed how often I see my life through a certain lens.  In that lens I am playing out the same stories over and over.  I feel stuck in […]

Scam Letters

I always get junk mail in my email accounts.  Now, I barely glance at them before sending them into email oblivion.  Lately though, I’ve been receiving quite a few emails offering me money for charities and some have been making their way into my regular inbox.  They’ve given me a chuckle, so here’s my version […]

Why Peter?

Earlier this week I was watching a film about Jesus.  As I watched I was struck, in a new way, by Peter’s journey.  Peter is usually pegged as zealous, and rightly so.  There is a fierceness in him.  He is always ready with a stark statements (i.e. “You are the son of God”) and is […]

Top Secret

Can I let you in on a secret?  Just you and me? I hate Valentine’s Day.  There, I said it.  I’m always scared to admit this to the general public, because I automatically get pinned as a shrew (I apparently only surround myself with those who use Shakespearean insults).  Let’s make a deal.  I’ll explain […]

Growing up Female

When I was little I had a book that would document my growing up.  Kind of like a baby book, but for when your child gets older.  It was divided by school grade and each year would ask questions like: Height? Activities?  Favorite foods?  But my favorite question was: What do you want to be […]

Disastrous Dates

There are few things that bring me more joy than in hearing about disastrous dates.  I think it evokes in me a combination of both empathy and relief.  Empathy in the awkwardness that is dating and the realization of how crazy this ritual can be.  And relief in the fact that it was not me […]


I can only write what I know.  Or at the very least, what I think I know. This is what I know. Today.   Today I know that I do not want to write. Today I know that the little I do want to write, I do not want to put on my blog. Today […]