I can only write what I know.  Or at the very least, what I think I know.

This is what I know.



Today I know that I do not want to write.

Today I know that the little I do want to write, I do not want to put on my blog.

Today I feel stuck.

Today my half and half was starting to sour, but I didn’t realize that till a few sips into my coffee.

Today I want things so badly to change.

Today I feel cranky and mean.

Today I feel bad about throwing my parfait outside my car in anger last night.

Today I feel good about doing the above in the pristine, planned community in which I live.

Today I feel guilty about both wasting food and littering.

Today my head is full of thoughts.

Today I feel emotionally tired.

Today I enjoy the chill in my room.

Today I try to figure out my life.

Today I sit in my pajamas and write.

Today I pray to God: Lord, have mercy.

Today I hear him say: I have you.

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