Little Bird

Little bird, perch and rest, Inhale, exhale; catch your breath.   Little bird, look and see, All that surrounds you, joyfully.   Little bird, feeling so lost, Life feels full with fear and awe.   Little bird, courage gain, Even though your heart be faint.   Little bird, time to fly, Let them hear your […]

World Mental Health Day

Last Friday was World Mental Health Day.  Although I had another post scheduled for that day, I did want to take some space on the blog to acknowledge this day. Better late than never I suppose. Regardless of whether or not we ourselves suffer from mental health issues, we all know a family member or […]

Can We Skip it All?

Dating is an exhausting practice. There, I said it.  I know dating is supposed to be fun and exciting (at least that’s the story most of my married friends are selling), but most of the time I just end up feeling tired and hungry.  Even for dates I’m not excited about, there’s the process of […]

Soul Food: Schmancy Toast

Schmancy Toast By Jen Manglos Who doesn’t like toast?  Despite gluten’s recent bad rap, toast remains a simple, tasty breakfast food.  Of course, it all depends upon the toppings.  Just butter?  Meh.  But add some fresh jam or peanut butter and you have a delicious way to start your day.  Now, I haven’t had toast […]


I feel surrounded by questions right now.  Almost as if these questions have formed a huge nest covering my head, one question indistinguishable from the next.  So, I started to write my questions.  Each one.  These are the questions currently plaguing me. What am I doing? When will things change? Am I doing the right […]