Guest Post: Empowered Women’s Channel

Hi All,

Thanks for continuing to support the blog.  I’m in the midst of a crazy season at work, which has led to a decreased amount of posts from me.  Things should get back to normal next week, so thanks for holding on in the midst of sporadic posts.

However, I recently wrote a piece on gratitude for my friends over at the Empowered Women’s Channel. I’m friends with one of the blog’s co-founders, Kate, and we recently discovered that we are both embarking on this crazy journey that is running a blog.  It’s been a treat being introduced to the Empowered Women’s Channel and their commitment to vibrant living shines through all they do on the site. I’d highly recommend you discover the site for yourself!

And even though the site is geared towards women, this post really is aimed at both men and women – I mean, gratitude is a virtue we all can grow in.

 Click here to read the article!

Thanks again for keeping up with the blog,


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