Soul Food: Pork Shoulder Steak

Pork Shoulder Steak By Tom Unfried So there we were in the fall of 1995, back at the hospital just a short time after our son Christian had been released after months of treatment for a bone marrow transplant. Complaining of severe pain in his abdomen, we knew the drill: get him to Children’s Hospital […]

Advent: Space

In case my previous posts weren’t obvious enough, this has been a challenging Christmas for me.  It is in no way the worst Christmas ever (see last Friday’s post for details on that one), but this year has been a heavier, more somber holiday season.  As I’ve shared my heart these last couple of weeks, […]

Soul Food: The Hamlet

The Hamlet By Jen Manglos It was my family’s worst Christmas ever.  No, I’m not saying that for dramatic effect.  It truly was.  We were in the mist of my brother’s struggles with depression and suicide.  He was in the mental hospital and furious at my parents for putting him there.  And a Merry Friggin’ […]

Soul Food: Gird Your Loins

Gird Your Loins, It’s The Christmas Baking Season By Lorraine Manglos About 25 years ago my husband started his own business. Not having much money for gifts at Christmas time, I made an almond toffee candy that he distributed to his clients. I made about 2-3 batches and that covered all the clients. As the […]

Advent: Waiting

Today I got to try out a new bakery owned by one of my favorite restaurants.  I was eagerly awaiting their opening and had been searching for an excuse to visit.  The experience did not disappoint and I’m already planning a second visit back, this time with my local bakery expert, Mom.  I was posting […]