Welcome to 2015


Happy New Year my friends!

Here I am, back to the writing game after a lovely respite this Christmas season.  Every time I take a break I experience some awkwardness as I re-enter my rhythms as a writer.  Typically, I doubt my ability to write or just feel as though I have nothing to write about.  In this moment, I feel the fear of blankness.

Do I have anything to write about?

If I can acknowledge the fear and realize it is not the final word, I usually can get back to writing.  I’m attempting that this morning.  It is a slow trudge.

This does not mean that there is nothing happening in my life or in the world that is impacting me.  Far from it.  I continue to be grieved by the sadness in our world right now, especially with the attacks in Paris.  Yet, I admire the courage of the French, as they have taken to the streets with their cries of “Je suis Charlie.”  They will not be quieted, even when real danger is in the realm of possibilities.  I hope that I would be as brave if I were in similar circumstances.  In my own life, I am wrestling with what it means to follow God in the midst of confusion (on my part) and change, and am finding comfort in keeping simple rhythms.  I am cautiously optimistic about this year, and yet still have pockets of fear about what 2015 will hold.

So, I enter into this year and into the unknown of the world I live in, my changing life, and my writing.

I am looking forward to another year on this blog with you all,


PS – New posts are coming this Wednesday and Friday!  Wednesday will offer a retreat exercise for you to process through your experience of 2014 and to look ahead to 2015, while Friday’s post has an interview with a local coffee roaster.

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