Loss and Gain

This year has been one full of funerals.  I’m up to four so far and soon will hit number five.  I don’t mean to be crass and spout off my funeral attendance like baseball stats, but I’ve never lost so many people I’ve known in such a short amount of time. My most recent loss […]

Jesus: Friend in Suffering and Joy

So often I have found comfort in reflecting on Jesus’ journey to the cross.  He who has been abandoned, rejected, and abused understands our suffering, because he himself has suffered.  He is not removed from the human experience, but instead embraced his humanity fully.  I’ve become increasingly grateful for the season of Lent as it presents […]

Hello Again

I keep feeling as though 2015 has just begun.  And then I look at a calendar and realize it’s almost May.  Crap! It has been months since I’ve posted on the blog.  In January I had some health issues arise.  There was a cancer scare (thankfully no cancer was found).  Surgery.  Recovery.  I won’t go […]