Your Invitation

And here I am, your invited guest—

    it’s incredible!

I enter your house; here I am,

    prostrate in your inner sanctum,

Waiting for directions

    to get me safely through enemy lines.

  • Psalm 5:7-8 (The Message)

You are an invited guest of God.  Not just part of you, but all of you.  Sometimes we are tempted to only bring certain parts of ourselves to God – the clean, sparkly parts.  Yet, there is so much more to who we are.  We are odd mixtures of blood, veins, painful memories, longings too deep for words, joy that cannot be contained, disorders, unique personalities, and areas that have been redeemed by Christ (and this is just the short list).  We may not always be aware of all that is within us or we may fear letting these areas be seen, but God knows each of us completely, understands us fully, and sees every inch of who we are.  From that place of deep knowing, he welcomes us to the table with him.

  • Consider the various areas in your life: family, friends, church, work, service, play, etc.
  • As you think through these areas in your life, are there one or two areas that stand out to you?
  • What is God inviting you into specifically in these areas?  Take some time to ask him and then sit and listen for what he has to say.

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