What does abused look like?

I’m struck by how some of these words are more challenging than others. The word, abused, in particular, is a word that tends to bring up imagery that is uncomfortable, painful, and deeply sad. How do we engage this word while both acknowledging the truth that abuse is a reality that needs to be brought to the light, and that we must be mindful that many have experienced the horrors of abuse? I invite us all to wrestle with that tension as we share photos attached to this word.

Share these images* on Instagram or Facebook, tagging @OakHouseRetreats and using #abused. These images will be shared starting on April 4 for a Stations of the Cross photo sharing experience. And remember, we are still taking photos for troubled, betrayed, condemned, and denied. For more information on this project, click here.Stations of the Cross_FINAL*A few notes on your photo submissions. Photos must be taken by you or submitted with permission of the photographer. By submitting your photo, you agree for it to be featured on the Oak House Retreat Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as on www.jenmanglos.com and www.epiphanyvisio.com. Note: these photos will only be used for the purposes of the Stations of the Cross project.

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