Some Very Spoilery Thoughts on Thor:Ragnarok

I have so many thoughts coming out of my viewing of Thor: Ragnarkok last night. I’m a huge fan of the director, Taika Waititi (please do yourself a favor and watch What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople). Honestly, Thor hasn’t been a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that I’ve ever cared about. However, Taika is such a gifted director, that his presence alone made me cautiously optimistic. However, I’ve been burned before (I’m looking at you Ang Lee’s The Hulk), so watching these types of movies are a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Luckily, I had nothing to fear. I was thrilled at this quirky, gem of a buddy comedy.

So, this post is packed full of spoilers and is very stream of consciousness. Reader beware!

Thor slowly spinning around on the chain. Ugh, so good. This keeps paying off, every time he turns away from the creature.

Nice use of The Immigrant Song.

Hi Karl Urban. That’s nice to see a little LOTR reunion with you and Cate Blanchett. Wahoo for New Zealand directors!

Monster head getting goo everywhere. This is great!

Matt Damon!?! I definitely didn’t see that coming. There was a big laugh in the theater with that moment. It’s nice to have a cameo like that stay a secret, although, it ended up being a bit distracting, because I was trying to figure out who was playing Thor.

Oh, and hi Sam Neil. That’s a nice little throw back to Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

Seeing Anthony Hopkins mimic Loki’s movements is fun. Great idea, meh execution.

Thor’s selfie with his fans. Such a great moment. Loki and Thor’s conversation here is so wonderfully dry.

OK, I am a fan of the ‘Batch, but this cameo seems unnecessary. It’s not needed for the story. Yes, he gets them to Norway, but I’m sure there’s other ways that could have happened.

I’m regretting that this movie didn’t come out before Halloween, because I kind of want to dress up as Hela (is that bad?). Her eye makeup is on point!

Nice entrance for Tessa Thompson! It’s a nice combination of introducing the character, giving her some details, but also showing what a badass she is.

I love the twisted idea to play World of Pure Imagination as Thor prepares to meet the Grand Master. It’s so creepy and weird. Seriously, I’m so glad that Taika is directing this.

Every now and then, an actor is cast in a role that fits her/him like a glove. This is the case with casting Jeff Goldblum as the Grand Master. He goldblumed the heck out of this role. And when he starts jamming away on a futuristic jazz organ…come on!

Ricky Baker!!!! Sorry, I think this every time I see Rachel Baker, who plays Jeff Goldblum’s right hand woman. She was the social worker in Hunt for the Wilderpeople and was vigilant in her hunt for Ricky.

Sparkles coming out of his hand. He he!

There’s Takia’s role. I was wondering when he’d show up. His voice is much higher pitched then I expected, but it works. Later on, his comment about killing vampires is quite nice too (I see What We Do in the Shadows).

I love this moment in the trailer, when Thor realizes that the Hulk is his challenger in the arena – I know him, from work. However, as I watched this scene in the movie, I did find myself wishing that I didn’t know. What a great surprise that would have been.

Also, with Thor’s hammer being destroyed and his hair being cut, it strikes me as interesting moves to destroy Thor’s sacred objects. I think that really clears the space for the new direction this movie is taking. There’s an earthiness that comes with these changes and I love it.

Wait, why is Loki so afraid of The Hulk? Oh yeah, because Hulk beat the crap out of him after Loki gave his pompous speech in The Avengers. That was a great moment and Loki’s continued fear of The Hulk was delightful.

Fight, fight, fight. Interesting with Thor’s lightening eyes.

This movie has lots of foreshadowing, lots of returning to moments that happen earlier on. This is all screen writing 101, but it’s nice. Karl Urban’s guns at the beginning? They come back at the end. Thor’s lightening eyes at the beginning, they come back at the end.

Idris Elba always seems on the verge of hitting it big. I just want him to get that perfect role that makes everyone appreciate him. This is not that role.

Point Break! I forgot some of Tony Stark’s fantastic nicknames for Thor. Shakespeare in the Park is another classic.

Wow, they’re spending a lot of time on this planet. They’re in no hurry to get back to Asgard. To be honest, the getting there is so much fun that I’m not in a rush for the big, bloody confrontation.

Hey, they finally made it!

Look how proud Loki is. He shines when he’s being praised. Taiki really understands this character.

Thor lost his eye! Ok, part of me wishes for a bloodier depiction, but at the same time, eye injuries gross me out. I’m still haunted by that scene in Buñuel’s film An Andalusian dog, with the eye being cut open. Blech!

Yes, a nice return of The Immigrant Song. And that slo-mo image of Thor descending up on the soldiers was like an amazing piece of art come to life. It reminded me of similar visuals in Wonder Woman. Also, it was a cool moment to see Thor get his groove back.

Oh Korg, holding the dead creature.

A ship full of refugees going to Earth? Word to the wise, I wouldn’t recommend landing in the US.

Obligatory Marvel credits scenes. Well, we’re definitely moving into The Infinity War with this first one. How much do you want to bet that Loki picked up some extra goods when he went back to the basement of the temple?


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