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profile Hi!  You may have already deduced the fact that my name is Jen Manglos.  I am a person (I’m hoping that was obvious as well).  A lover of beauty.  A red head.  I currently reside in Southern California and thoroughly enjoy engaging in beauty: the company of good friends, interesting films, flavorful meals, reading a book, exploring the wild blue yonder, listening to a podcast or music, and a complexly flavored cup of coffee. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from The Institute for Spiritual Formation at Talbot School of Theology and spent a couple of years there as an adjunct professor, teaching about spiritual disciplines and vocation. For 3.5 years I was the retreat coordinator for Saddleback Church, planning and teaching contemplative retreats at the Rancho Capistrano Retreat Center. I recently have relocated to Pasadena, California, where I am creating a non-profit retreat organization that will provide care and resourcing for church leaders and pastors. I am particularly interested in spiritual formation and growth, retreat and chapel planning, and the journey of the single woman.  And when appropriate, many of these interests are spiced up with the addition of humor.

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