Expand – Jen Expanded

Wow. I’m overwhelmed as I sit here and consider this month on the blog. It has been encouraging, humbling, exciting, and stretching. Mostly, I feel honored to be entrusted with the stories of the amazing women who’ve shared this month. For some, it was the first time they shared their experience publicly. For others, it […]

Expand – Beautiful Night

Let me introduce you to Amy.  She’s a fellow red head (I always find that there’s always an unspoken kinship among gingers).  But really, we connect because we are pop culture kindred spirits.  Our first conversations were about the films we enjoyed…and how we really liked such similar types of movies.  The connection was sealed […]

Expand: The Best of Evil

Ana and I first connected over poetry.  Wow, how many people can you say that about?  Let me explain.  I’ve known Ana for around 10 years, although purely as an acquaintance.  In the last few years our paths have crossed more and more.  One night, I was hanging out with her and our common friend, […]

Expand: Weaving Ill-Matched Threads

I may have freaked out today’s writer when I first met her.  Chelsea came into the Starbucks I worked at during college.  I recognized her from church and excitedly started up a conversation with her.  It went something like this… “Hey, I’ve seen you at the Vineyard…what’s your name?  Cool, you want to visit Africa? […]

Expand – Fear and Feminism

Don’t you love getting to hear the story behind the story?  I met Amanda at church many years ago.  I knew her more from a distance, but always respected her sturdy character and fun, adventurous spirit.  She served for many years as director for one of the children’s ministries at church, yet I had no […]

Expand – A Woman I Am

I don’t remember meeting Carol.  I was too young.  Plus, she never lived in the same state I did.  But none of that matters when it comes to family.  See, Carol is my aunt.  We only get to see each other every couple of years, but I always value the times when we meet.  One […]