Mary’s Magnificat

This morning I was reading in Luke about Mary’s response to some surprising news (AKA, you are going to give birth to the Messiah).  After being blessed by her cousin Elizabeth, also dealing with a surprise pregnancy, she responds with what’s typically known as “The Magnificat” (from the Latin word ‘magnifies’): And Mary said, “My soul […]

Advent Resources

As a child, the word Advent meant one thing and one thing alone. Chocolate! I remember each year trying to be patient and only eat the chocolate prescribed for that specific day. Usually, a sort of bargain happened where I would eat 2-5 chocolates and then wait the appropriate amount of days before indulging again. […]

Advent: Space

In case my previous posts weren’t obvious enough, this has been a challenging Christmas for me.  It is in no way the worst Christmas ever (see last Friday’s post for details on that one), but this year has been a heavier, more somber holiday season.  As I’ve shared my heart these last couple of weeks, […]

Advent: Waiting

Today I got to try out a new bakery owned by one of my favorite restaurants.  I was eagerly awaiting their opening and had been searching for an excuse to visit.  The experience did not disappoint and I’m already planning a second visit back, this time with my local bakery expert, Mom.  I was posting […]