Moonlight and Loneliness

Seeing a movie thematically focused on loneliness is not a great choice when you’re feeling lonely. In my defense, I was trying to make the most of my Christmas break by seeing as many award season films as I could, and “Moonlight” was supposed to be this gorgeous film. Still. I emerged feeling trapped in […]

Hidden Figures and Sins of Omission

One day I was talking to some friends (one male and one female) from work about my experience as a female in that particular work place. I expressed my frustrations about how it felt like I could never advance, even though I had more education and experience than my male counterparts. There was never a […]

What Formed You – 9/11

I still remember my dad knocking on my bedroom door that morning. I mumbled back that I was sleeping in – not running late. But he persisted in knocking and I heard the words “planes” and “Twin Towers”.  In my sleepiness, I wondered how two planes could fly into these buildings, when it dawned on […]

New Post on Gifted for Leadership

Hi All, I wrote a blog for the Gifted for Leadership blog on my experience with the unexpected gift of burning out.  I didn’t know when it was going live, so that was a lovely surprise to wake up to yesterday.  I hope you enjoy the piece.   My brother’s car sped off down the […]

Soul Food: Schmancy Toast

Schmancy Toast By Jen Manglos Who doesn’t like toast?  Despite gluten’s recent bad rap, toast remains a simple, tasty breakfast food.  Of course, it all depends upon the toppings.  Just butter?  Meh.  But add some fresh jam or peanut butter and you have a delicious way to start your day.  Now, I haven’t had toast […]

Cultivate Wonder

His eyes grew large in wonder and he almost gasped.  He was in awe.  But of what?  All I could see was the wall, a window and curtains.  Surely nothing gasp-worthy.  I inquired of his mom: What’s caught his attention?  She replied that the difference between light and darkness typically caused him to look in […]

Battling Narratives

I was amazed this week to discover a connection between two seemingly opposite films: Groundhog Day and Enchanted April. I know.  But hear me out. Lately I’ve noticed how often I see my life through a certain lens.  In that lens I am playing out the same stories over and over.  I feel stuck in […]