What does betrayed look like to you?

Today we are asking the question: what does betrayed look like to you? I suspect that we can define betrayal in many different ways, so I am particularly curious to see  what photos you share. We are still accepting photos for troubled as well. Share these images* on Instagram or Facebook, tagging @OakHouseRetreats and using […]

What does troubled look like to you?

Last night I attended a recital at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. In the lobby, there is an installation called Nimbus, that consists of human-made clouds that are suspended above the entryway. These clouds change colors in tune with the music that plays sporadically throughout the day. As I looked on these clouds last night, […]


Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. Beth spoke these words over me as she painted the dust on my forehead, in the shape of a cross. I cried quietly, overcome by both emotion and the anesthesia leaving my system. I was not fully aware of the depth of this moment, […]

Moonlight and Loneliness

Seeing a movie thematically focused on loneliness is not a great choice when you’re feeling lonely. In my defense, I was trying to make the most of my Christmas break by seeing as many award season films as I could, and “Moonlight” was supposed to be this gorgeous film. Still. I emerged feeling trapped in […]

To the Women 

On Sunday I celebrated Galentine’s (a day early). I invited some friends over for appetizers, drinks, and conversation. But more than some blood orange flavored drinks (they were so good), I wanted to acknowledge and recognize how amazing each woman was (and trust me, they really are amazing). Growing up, I have been pushed out […]

Hidden Figures and Sins of Omission

One day I was talking to some friends (one male and one female) from work about my experience as a female in that particular work place. I expressed my frustrations about how it felt like I could never advance, even though I had more education and experience than my male counterparts. There was never a […]

Listening Together

Last Friday evening I met with my church small group, as we do most Fridays. I felt a heaviness following the election and wondered what it might look like to create space for us to listen to each other in group. As a spiritual director, a major component of my training was learning how to […]

What Formed You – 9/11

I still remember my dad knocking on my bedroom door that morning. I mumbled back that I was sleeping in – not running late. But he persisted in knocking and I heard the words “planes” and “Twin Towers”.  In my sleepiness, I wondered how two planes could fly into these buildings, when it dawned on […]