What does condemned look like to you?

Today we begin our search for photos exploring what being condemned looks like. The sample photo for condemned is from photographer extraordinaire, John Doukas. There’s something so ominous and claustrophobic about this image. I’m looking forward to seeing what photos you begin to share. Share these images* on Instagram or Facebook, tagging @OakHouseRetreats and using […]

What does betrayed look like to you?

Today we are asking the question: what does betrayed look like to you? I suspect that we can define betrayal in many different ways, so I am particularly curious to see  what photos you share. We are still accepting photos for troubled as well. Share these images* on Instagram or Facebook, tagging @OakHouseRetreats and using […]

What does troubled look like to you?

Last night I attended a recital at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. In the lobby, there is an installation called Nimbus, that consists of human-made clouds that are suspended above the entryway. These clouds change colors in tune with the music that plays sporadically throughout the day. As I looked on these clouds last night, […]


Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. Beth spoke these words over me as she painted the dust on my forehead, in the shape of a cross. I cried quietly, overcome by both emotion and the anesthesia leaving my system. I was not fully aware of the depth of this moment, […]

Moonlight and Loneliness

Seeing a movie thematically focused on loneliness is not a great choice when you’re feeling lonely. In my defense, I was trying to make the most of my Christmas break by seeing as many award season films as I could, and “Moonlight” was supposed to be this gorgeous film. Still. I emerged feeling trapped in […]

To the Women 

On Sunday I celebrated Galentine’s (a day early). I invited some friends over for appetizers, drinks, and conversation. But more than some blood orange flavored drinks (they were so good), I wanted to acknowledge and recognize how amazing each woman was (and trust me, they really are amazing). Growing up, I have been pushed out […]

Hidden Figures and Sins of Omission

One day I was talking to some friends (one male and one female) from work about my experience as a female in that particular work place. I expressed my frustrations about how it felt like I could never advance, even though I had more education and experience than my male counterparts. There was never a […]

Listening Together

Last Friday evening I met with my church small group, as we do most Fridays. I felt a heaviness following the election and wondered what it might look like to create space for us to listen to each other in group. As a spiritual director, a major component of my training was learning how to […]