Advent Resources

As a child, the word Advent meant one thing and one thing alone. Chocolate! I remember each year trying to be patient and only eat the chocolate prescribed for that specific day. Usually, a sort of bargain happened where I would eat 2-5 chocolates and then wait the appropriate amount of days before indulging again. […]

Soul Food: Pork Shoulder Steak

Pork Shoulder Steak By Tom Unfried So there we were in the fall of 1995, back at the hospital just a short time after our son Christian had been released after months of treatment for a bone marrow transplant. Complaining of severe pain in his abdomen, we knew the drill: get him to Children’s Hospital […]

Advent: Space

In case my previous posts weren’t obvious enough, this has been a challenging Christmas for me.  It is in no way the worst Christmas ever (see last Friday’s post for details on that one), but this year has been a heavier, more somber holiday season.  As I’ve shared my heart these last couple of weeks, […]

Advent: Waiting

Today I got to try out a new bakery owned by one of my favorite restaurants.  I was eagerly awaiting their opening and had been searching for an excuse to visit.  The experience did not disappoint and I’m already planning a second visit back, this time with my local bakery expert, Mom.  I was posting […]