What Formed You – 9/11

I still remember my dad knocking on my bedroom door that morning. I mumbled back that I was sleeping in – not running late. But he persisted in knocking and I heard the words “planes” and “Twin Towers”.  In my sleepiness, I wondered how two planes could fly into these buildings, when it dawned on […]

New Post on Gifted for Leadership

Hi All, I wrote a blog for the Gifted for Leadership blog on my experience with the unexpected gift of burning out.  I didn’t know when it was going live, so that was a lovely surprise to wake up to yesterday.  I hope you enjoy the piece.   My brother’s car sped off down the […]

Little Bird

Little bird, perch and rest, Inhale, exhale; catch your breath.   Little bird, look and see, All that surrounds you, joyfully.   Little bird, feeling so lost, Life feels full with fear and awe.   Little bird, courage gain, Even though your heart be faint.   Little bird, time to fly, Let them hear your […]


I feel surrounded by questions right now.  Almost as if these questions have formed a huge nest covering my head, one question indistinguishable from the next.  So, I started to write my questions.  Each one.  These are the questions currently plaguing me. What am I doing? When will things change? Am I doing the right […]

I am Redhead

Wait, you’re a redhead? Lately I’ve had a few people express surprise when I mention my red hair.  This has surprised me as my hair color has been a defining feature for as long as I can remember.  As a redhead, I have stood out in groups by virtue of having such a unique hair […]

I Don’t Know

I don’t know.  This is a phrase I detest, if I am honest.  I like knowing things.  I value information.  I appreciate knowing which direction I am headed. This is unfortunate for many reasons.  Mainly, because I am not omniscient.  Also, because knowing all the things does nothing but create the illusion that I am […]


I anxiously walked through the half-empty building, expecting someone to kick me out at any moment.  My mom was much more composed.  I had this deep feeling that I should not be there.   And that caused me great distress.  I couldn’t even quite explain it in the moment.  I mean, if we had been kicked […]


Nectarine This is a nectarine to remember. Sweet, juicy, and perfectly ripe. Each year I look forward to summer and the promise of all its delectable fruits – especially the promise of nectarines. The less hairy sibling of the peach (and if it wasn’t for the fuzz, I would love peaches), it is one of […]

Swept into the Eye of the Storm

Tornadoes always fascinated me when I was a child.  I mean, they scared me, but I also found the idea of them somewhat exciting.  Growing up in Southern California, the unpredictability of earthquakes instilled a deep fear of when the next one would hit.  Somehow, tornadoes seemed less scary.  At least there was an alarm […]

Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes the simplest truths are the deepest ones.  Tonight I’m facilitating a retreat on Journaling and I mentioned how easy it is to give up once we miss a day or two (or twelve) of journaling.  In those moments, it’s incredibly easy to give up and fall into guilt and shame.  In fact, that often […]