Christmastime is Here? – November 21, 2013

Suf ChristmasIf you haven’t figured it out by now, I have opinions.  And I often like to voice said opinions. As we creep closer and closer to Christmas I begin to see my opinions on the celebration of this particular holiday whisper louder and louder in my ear. 

I think we can all agree that Christmas decorations showing up in September and October are ridiculous.  Now that we’ve entered November, we find ourselves in the Christmas zone gray area.  I tend to wait till after Thanksgiving before I officially step into the Christmas season, or when I was going to an Anglican church, Advent.  Lately, the easy listening station has taken to playing Christmas music.  Every time I catch a song, I sigh and quickly change the station.  Seriously?  Let’s not forget Thanksgiving people! 

However, I find that I am not a strict observer when it comes to the post-Thanksgiving day rule.  The last time I backed up my phone I clicked to have all of my Sufjan Stevens music included.  Of course, I forgot that a large chunk of my Sufjan collection comes from his wonderful Christmas albums.  So, I’m driving to work one day when a Sufjan Christmas song comes on.  And I’m conflicted.  True, it is not “Christmas” according to my calculations, but it’s Sufjan and it’s one of my favorite songs (The Friendly Beasts, in case you’re curious).  The song wins and I thoroughly enjoyed singing along. 

“This is it” I told myself.  “One Christmas song and then I’ll hold out for after Thanksgiving.”  That is until Spotify alerted me that they’ve posted an album from a group I really enjoy (The Brilliance).  And it’s titled Advent.  “Darn it!  Well, one listen won’t hurt, but then no more for real!”  

Don’t get me started on Trader Joe’s.  I’ve already purchased my first box of pfeffernusse cookies and candy cane green tea.  I know I won’t be able to wait much longer for candy cane Joe Joe’s.  I’m only flesh and blood. 

The real test though, has been films.  The other night a friend on Facebook announced that he was, unashamedly, giving in and watching “White Christmas”.  I couldn’t help but sympathize with his position.  He was giving in, stepping into full Christmas mode (there’s no going back after “White Christmas”) and announcing it to the world (via Facebook).  Yet the responses back were more kind than judgmental.  People commented with their favorite lines or songs from the classic film.  A slight wave of joy swept over me as I thought back to the film. 

And I wanted to watch it right there and then. 

I decided to wait.  (Even though it is on Netflix instant this very moment).  I suppose I’ll let little things creep in, but the waiting is, in a strange way, part of the fun.  So, for now, Christmastime is not here. 


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