Story in Perspective

I love a good story, don’t you? One of my favorite ways to connect with others is to tell our stories.  It just seems to happen when people gather.  I think that so much of what we share is corralled into little narratives that we in turn offer to others.  This is all an eloquent […]

Coffee Culture

Excellent coffee without the snobbery. I got to visit Seattle a couple of weekends ago and this is undoubtedly the highlight of its coffee culture. Now Seattle can boast many things: the Space Needle, Pike’s Place Market, a thriving food scene, birthplace of grunge music, crazy Seahawk fans. But without a doubt one of the […]


Hi All, With the crazy week I’ve had plus the preparations for flying to Seattle today, I’ve gotten a bit behind on my writing.  Today, I’m reposting a “classic” blog post.  I hope you enjoy it anew. Jen ——————————————————————————————————————————————— Sheltered “I just want to be held,” I say quietly to myself.  Not in a metaphoric, […]

He Wasn’t Joking

I finished 2013 by reflecting on the year – giving thanks for the joyous moments, crying over hopes disappointed, and prayerfully looking forward.  As I looked forward I sensed God was calling me into a season of learning freedom in circumstances.  When troubles strike, I often find that I struggle with doubt.  Some days I […]

Yoga Voice

Namaste. Five years ago that word stirred up very specific feelings within me.  Excitement.  This enthusiasm was connected to the expectation of a new episode of “Lost.”  I was very much swept up into the “Lost” universe, eagerly awaiting each new episode, biding my time by listening to not one, but three podcasts dedicated to […]

Welcome to My New Blog Casa!

After months of preparations, I am proud to introduce you to my new website:  Isn’t that so much easier to remember than  I’m still working out the final details, but thought the start of 2014 was a great time to launch this new site.  Thanks for reading this past year and for continuing […]