What If

This dazzling city comes to life before my eyes, with space ships, a vibrant city life, and technology so advanced that it’s hard to even fathom. I gaze in wonder, eager for more glimpses of this afro-futurist city. This place does not exist. Like many, I went to see Black Panther this weekend – P.S. […]

Leaning into Lent

Lent falls on Valentine’s Day this year and I couldn’t be more excited. I have mixed thoughts on Valentine’s Day, which I won’t get into here, so I am glad for a day that can be focused on seeking God and considering my mortality. I found this online the other day and loved how perfectly […]

A Retreat for the New Year

Happy New Year! At this time of year, many of us have a desire to reflect on our lives and make new intentions. I created a personal retreat for this very purpose and it is currently posted on my good friend Amy Simpson’s blog. (Note: Amy is a fantastic writer and life coach. If you’re […]

A Wonder of a Woman

Weighed down by a chorus of no’s, she steps up onto the battlefield. Her disguise falls to the ground and fiercely, she walks towards the gun fire. And instead of being demolished, she triumphs, making it across No Man’s Land. She clears the path so that her men can follow. I cried. I was never […]


This is the moment we have waited for. Life. Life where there once was death. For the final day of our Online Stations of the Cross, you are invited to reflect on these images of resurrection. Which images resonate with you the most? What picture would you take to depict resurrection? What would it look […]


There’s something about burials that feel so final. I remember attending the funeral of a friend who passed away and watching the dust begin to cover her casket brought a new set of tears. I wonder what it was like for Jesus’ followers, who saw his burial as a death to their hopes for the […]