I am Redhead

Wait, you’re a redhead? Lately I’ve had a few people express surprise when I mention my red hair.  This has surprised me as my hair color has been a defining feature for as long as I can remember.  As a redhead, I have stood out in groups by virtue of having such a unique hair […]

I Don’t Know

I don’t know.  This is a phrase I detest, if I am honest.  I like knowing things.  I value information.  I appreciate knowing which direction I am headed. This is unfortunate for many reasons.  Mainly, because I am not omniscient.  Also, because knowing all the things does nothing but create the illusion that I am […]


I anxiously walked through the half-empty building, expecting someone to kick me out at any moment.  My mom was much more composed.  I had this deep feeling that I should not be there.   And that caused me great distress.  I couldn’t even quite explain it in the moment.  I mean, if we had been kicked […]