Can We Skip it All?


Dating is an exhausting practice.

There, I said it.  I know dating is supposed to be fun and exciting (at least that’s the story most of my married friends are selling), but most of the time I just end up feeling tired and hungry.  Even for dates I’m not excited about, there’s the process of getting ready and perhaps making more of an effort than on normal days.  Then, there’s the uncomfortability of having a coffee or meal with a stranger.  And cover that all with a huge bucket of awkwardness.  Ugh, it’s the worst.  Occasionally, it’s a good enough experience to make up for the awkward sandwich.  Occasionally.

One time I had a date that I didn’t want to go on.  “Then why did you go Jen?” you may be asking.  “No one forced you.”  Sure, no one forced me, but when you’re dating in your 30’s, you quickly embrace the practice of “openness”, which means you say yes to all but convicts and creepers.  As I waited for the guy to show I dreamt up a scenario in which he stood me up.  Within seconds I was enraptured with the hopes of a warm cup of soup from the new grilled cheese place and a Redbox video at home.  Ahhh, heaven!  Sadly, he arrived and my dreams for a cozy evening were dashed (P.S. The date was a bit of a disaster).

Which takes me to my point: can we skip it all?  I just want to get to the point in a relationship when we can sit at home, in our PJ’s and just watch a movie.  Sure, it’s fun to go out and get dressed up on occasion, but truthfully, on most nights after work, I just want to get comfortable, talk through my day, and relax.

Sadly, in order to get to that place, much awkward dating is required.   So, onward dating soldier, in hopes that one day, it will be worth it all.

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