Story in Perspective

I love a good story, don’t you? One of my favorite ways to connect with others is to tell our stories.  It just seems to happen when people gather.  I think that so much of what we share is corralled into little narratives that we in turn offer to others.  This is all an eloquent […]

Yoga Voice

Namaste. Five years ago that word stirred up very specific feelings within me.  Excitement.  This enthusiasm was connected to the expectation of a new episode of “Lost.”  I was very much swept up into the “Lost” universe, eagerly awaiting each new episode, biding my time by listening to not one, but three podcasts dedicated to […]

Alive – August 19, 2013

I’ll never forgot that moment.  Lying down in bed, inhaling the scent of night blooming jasmine wafting through the room, and feeling unbelievably content. It was the end of one of the most challenging weeks in my life.  One that you could not pay me enough to re-live. In 7th grade my school had a […]