Sheltered imageWhat is Retreat?

Growing up in the church I’ve gone on my fair share of retreats (perhaps you have too).  Summers and winters were spent on long bus rides to cabins in the woods, eating nasty camp food, and getting very little sleep.  These retreats were times to play and connect with others. These were also times when I was met by God in special, meaningful ways. However, I began to tire of the exhausting pace of these retreats and around the same time was introduced to a different way of retreating – one that had been practiced in the Church since it was still in its infancy.  Retreats in this camp were categorized by rest, quiet, and time set-aside with God.  As an extrovert I was nervous about all that time without other people.  God surprised me on retreat.  I found a safe place to pause, take up a different pace of life, and be with God in ways my normal life just couldn’t allow.

Every single retreat experience has been unique.  On retreat I have experienced Jesus speaking clearly and other times when he has been quiet. I have spent some retreats laughing and other retreats weaping (or maybe even a little of both) . Some retreats have involved fasting, while other times have been celebrated with feasting. It is out of my own retreat experiences that I discovered a love for facilitating retreat times for others. I pray, set the stage, and allow Jesus to move in the hearts of his people.

Retreat Options

Need help planning your next group or private retreat?  Allow me to assist you in crafting a time with God.  I am available to create retreat experiences or speak at your upcoming event.

My time in seminary focused on spiritual direction and retreats. For 3.5 years I was the Retreat Coordinator at the Rancho Capistrano Retreat Center at Saddleback Church, where I created retreat content, coordinated, and taught at retreats events and workshops. Today, I offer contemplative and creative retreat experiences in the Los Angeles region.

I have previously offered retreats on:

  • Journaling
  • Silence and Solitude
  • Beauty
  • Rest
  • Art and Creativity

However, I am also available to create retreat content specific to your group and its needs. Feel free to use the inquiry form below for any questions or inquiries about rates.

Inquiry Form

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