Stations of the Cross Photo Sharing Experience

Throughout history, writers, musicians, and artists have created their own representations of Christ’s journey to the cross, often referred to as the Stations of the Cross. Oak House Retreats (AKA the retreat branch of and  Epiphany : Visio invite you to experience the Stations online, in a collaborative photo sharing experience. Starting April 4, visit the Oak House Facebook and Instagram accounts, or Epiphany : Visio to view the modern day versions of the Stations and engage with the photos.

But before we can post an online version of the Stations of the Cross, we need some photos. This is where you get to collaborate with us. Just pick a word from the list below and take a photo that represents that word. Share the photo* using the hashtag for the word you chose and tag @OakHouseRetreats. Your photo can be a direct representation, or it can just embody the word as you define it. Share as many photos as you’d like.

Here’s the list of words:

Troubled     Betrayed     Condemned     Denied     Judged     Abused     Burdened     Helped     Crucified     Insulted Died     Buried     Resurrected

Each of these words represent an aspect of Christ’s journey to the cross. Yet, we all experience these words in our daily life. Through this project, we want to catch a glimpse of how you specifically see this word in your daily life.

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Instagram: @OakHouseRetreats

I am excited to partner with Epiphany : Visio on this project! Epiphany’s founder, Christine Lee Smith is a friend from graduate school, who also happens to be an amazing photographer. She has taken her gift as an artist and combined it with her training in spiritual formation. The result is Epiphany : Visio, which “exists to explore the connection between art and prayer, and to help you go deeper in your heart to experience and find Jesus, who is already loving you there.”


*A few notes on your photo submissions. Photos must be taken by you or submitted with permission of the photographer. By submitting your photo, you agree for it to be featured on the Oak House Retreat Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as on and Note: these photos will only be used for the purposes of the Stations of the Cross project.