What If

This dazzling city comes to life before my eyes, with space ships, a vibrant city life, and technology so advanced that it’s hard to even fathom. I gaze in wonder, eager for more glimpses of this afro-futurist city. This place does not exist. Like many, I went to see Black Panther this weekend – P.S. […]

A Wonder of a Woman

Weighed down by a chorus of no’s, she steps up onto the battlefield. Her disguise falls to the ground and fiercely, she walks towards the gun fire. And instead of being demolished, she triumphs, making it across No Man’s Land. She clears the path so that her men can follow. I cried. I was never […]

Moonlight and Loneliness

Seeing a movie thematically focused on loneliness is not a great choice when you’re feeling lonely. In my defense, I was trying to make the most of my Christmas break by seeing as many award season films as I could, and “Moonlight” was supposed to be this gorgeous film. Still. I emerged feeling trapped in […]

Hidden Figures and Sins of Omission

One day I was talking to some friends (one male and one female) from work about my experience as a female in that particular work place. I expressed my frustrations about how it felt like I could never advance, even though I had more education and experience than my male counterparts. There was never a […]

All I want for Christmas… – December 19, 2013

Are Awards season films!  Yet, this year, I feel horribly behind on my viewings.  I was just talking to a friend today and began to feel overwhelmed as I realized how many films I’ve yet to see.  Nebraska.  12 Years a Slave.  Inside Llewyn Davis.  Saving Mr. Banks.  August: Osage County.  Philomena.  Frozen (OK, not an Oscar-esque film, but I’m still looking forward to seeing […]