August = Change – July 25, 2007

There are so many changes in such a short amount of time that I have decided to rename “August,” “Changeling.” I have been back from Brazil almost a week and the reality of all these changes are slapping me in the face. I start school in about a month. Weird. It seems more and more […]

Returned – July 19, 2007

I have returned from Brazil. It has been an interesting couple of days. Some of you may have heard about the plane crash in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We flew out of Sao Paulo the same day, but we were at another airport. However, there was a minor plane crash at our airport (no fatalities) due […]

Time – January 26, 2007

I want time Time to linger time to think time to watch and time to dream Lie back and watch the sky move across me Feel the wind softly wisp by Close my eyes Shoulders relax A deep content sigh A twirling dance As if no one watches Laughs that erupt from the deepest of […]

Contradiction – August 11, 2006

I am a walking contradiction. One moment I feel nothing. The next I’m crying, overwhelmed with feelings. Sometimes I feel as though I never left, but the changes I observe usually poke their heads out and remind me that I have left. My first week here I had all these weird moments, realizing that I […]